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We are innovating our production lines

 In the long run, it is simultaneously not possible to be a leader in the printed circuit boards production and not innovate. Fortunately, our eyes are open at Gatema and we know that we cannot compete without investing into new technologies. Hence we would like to introduce our latest technologies to you thanks to which our printed circuit boards production is even faster and of higher quality.  

The first news of this year’s fall is a purchase of a brand new production line for producing non-binding masks made by SCHMID company. It is a cutting edge innovative piece of device with automatic chemistry batching as a result of which acceleration of processes is taking place whlist maintaining ultimate quality ensuring cleanliness of copper parts for final surface processing. Moreover, the entire sequence of the developer is fully controlled by the computer which results in significant decrease of the error rate of a human factor and releasing extra labour for other more relevant tasks.

Another piece of news is a galvanic line with an auxiliary module for filling in holes with galvanic copper - via technology via-fill. The line features automated dosing of all gloss-creating ingredients. Thanks to the latest high-end technology used in the line from a Slovak company PPT not only production processes are faster, but also production capacity is increased. Via-fill module also offers an extension of our services offered to our customers.

The third piece of news is a purchase of a new production line for filling in gaps with non-conductive paste followed by surface grinding, supplied by our partner for filling in the  I.T.C. We are now able to offer the filling technology to our customers “in-house” which rapidly speeds up delivery terms of the boards produced with such technology.

Not only new technologies, but also renewals of the current ones

At the beginning of June a replacement of an old line for stripping the dry resist took place. The new line, supplied by an Italian company WISE is equipped with an automated control mode and chemistry dosage. The replacement has also been executed with the dark-room film developer with the solution provided by the COLENTA company.

Controlled impedance and immersion silver 

Another new technology introduced to the market at the beginning of this year is the production of circuit boards with controlled impedance. More details are available here. The introduction of immersion silver surface finish has also been a significant event which we brought into the market as the first producer of PCB in Czechia.  

Thanks to all these innovations our PCB division is capable of offering the largest selection of printed circuit boards on the market while simultaneously maintaining its top position amongst European competitive producers.

Please feel free to check out the entire offer and ask us for a quote today.  

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