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PCB Gatema 2019 Conference

A tour of a new production hall and a conference focusing on current and new technologies. Printed Circuit Boards Division of Gatema company has reached a significant technological breakthrough in production and has decided to share the information with the broadest public possible. An event, which took place on September 26, 2019 at the Boskovice company’s premises and at the Sladovna Cerna Hora Hotel and that was attended by approximately a hundred people from the Czechia and Slovakia.

The morning part of the conference in Boskovice was particularly impressive for customers who have never previously visited Gatema headquarters. Even our long-term partners, while touring our printed circuit boards production hall, appreciated the fact how the entire building appears well-maintained and modern.

After moving to Sladovna Hotel in Černá Hora and enjoying lunch together, three highly interesting and engaging topics followed on the agenda.

The first lecture was given by Mr. Radim Vítek, a Chief of Production Technical Preparation at Gatema. Even though this was the very first public speaking engagement for him, he definitely performed as a natural speaker and a top expert in his field. His lecture on the most common mistakes when designing printed circuit boards from the production point of view as well as on the rules on fast data processing was extremely valuable even for salesmen. As a result of his talk, customers were able to understand the idea how crucial it is to have all the data for production launch in perfect condition and be really able to recognise all the possibilities and capabilities of the producer. And also how to avoid making trivial errors at printed circuit boards design which might cause extensive complications during the production process itself.


The second topic was focused on surface processing with special emphasis upon immersion silver. This specialized technical field was introduced by Mr. Michal Bauer from Resideo company. This issue was fairly new even for a seasoned and experienced professionals in the industry. The importance was placed primarily upon specific explanation of the fact that the previous common problems with silver (blackening, contamination…) are now, thanks to new chemistry used in Gatema, history and that there is now no need to fear the processing anymore. On the contrary, it is now possible to use it not only with specific high-frequency applications, but its use is now much broader within the entire electronic industry.

The next speaker was Mr. Jiří Dostál from Real Time Technology company who gradually followed up on the previous talk with his seminar about the subsequent use and manipulation with printed circuit boards whilst again considering various methods of surface processing. Mr. Dostál proceeded to explain to the audience which norms and processes for storing and soldering are advisable to follow, described the details on soldering time frames, various types of soldering irons and their features and also a structure and an overview of norms for the entire electronic production. 

The lectures were concluded with a discussion with each of the speakers and also with the company Retry as an expert on PCB designs and SW consulting.


In the end, more than half of the attendees moved to the Sloup Hall of the Sladovna Hotel  where further discussions and debates with the customers and attendees rolled on. From immediate reactions and the Satisfaction Questionnaire survey it was clear that the customers were excited and happy about the whole event and what is more relevant that they acquired new knowledge on new PCB technologies that they will be able to utilize at their work. Hence, both of the main objectives of the event were met. To introduce and to explain new technologies while simultaneously through personal contact deepen the relationships between Gatema customers and partners to the company itself. 

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