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For more than a quarter of a century we have been designing, developing and perfecting the production of printed circuit boards (PCB). Today we supply vast majority of European countries. And in extremely short deadlines and outstanding quality. If you also share the passion for printed circuit boards, you might also enjoy our new blog that we launched in June this year. In it we would like to share a piece of our know how with you as much as we plan to introduce new trends and personalities in the field that have been changing and influencing this area.

We will be discussing issues and topics that vast majority of public does not care much about however for the future of our industry these are of key importance. We will be dealing with measured impedance, rigid flex, residues on PCB, migration of material, ways of furnishing, IPC standards, conformal coating, HDI boards or reliability of pro-metals. We aim to bring quality reading for PCBmasters.

Written to keep you in the know, knowledgeably. Written by people who are deep experts, professionals and enthusiasts in the field. But more importantly, written in an understandable and a human way.



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