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The Natural Garden for Primary School in Vysočany

Project start:  1. 4. 2015

Project termination: 31. 12. 2019

The project deals with teaching garden creation as a natural classroom with educational elements on nature theme. The study lay out the current outdoor plots in relation to EVVO. The revitalization aim is enable children to learn about natural patterns during the seasons and link their stay with the outdoors, where our students, teachers and parents will go "Together step by step through life and natural garden".

The Infrastructure of Primary School in Lysice

Project start:  1. 1. 2017

Project termination: 24. 10. 2019

The subject is a reconstruction and equipment of four classrooms, as well as the school garden modification in connection with building barrier-free access for the children with physical disabilities attending Primary School in Lysice.

The aim is an education quality in key competencies increase and some conditions for vocational training ensure, to innovate a provided teaching and create a motivating environment for students in relation to future employment in labor market.

After the selection process, the reconstruction is going to take place:

  • Classroom for digital technology teaching
  • Language classroom
  • Natural Science classroom for I. degree
  • Natural Science classroom for II. degree
  • School garden


The Natural Garden for Primary Special School in Blansko

Project start:  1. 4. 2013

Project termination: 31. 8. 2019

The project "We perceive nature in our garden" solves an improvement of current outdoor plots in accordance with a school educational plan and cross-cutting Environmental Education theme. The proposal is concerned with new greenery addition throughout the grounds to create a teaching garden as a natural classroom. The purpose is strengthen children's contact with nature in order to improve their health and  educational outcomes, to develop their knowledges and skills and teach them to actively perceive nature in the school garden.

The Educative Trips Abroad for Teachers

Project start:  15. 3. 2017

Project termination: 31. 8. 2017

The Grammar School in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem decided – within the scope of the Erasmus+ program – to increase teaching quality and appropriateness of qualification and skills of employees. The subject of the small-volume public order was the arrangement of educative trips abroad in the course of summer holiday. Consequently, the successful contractor STUDYLINE s.r.o. organized three stays in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Primary School Annex Building

Project start:  1. 4. 2016

Project termination: 31. 7. 2016

The primary school and kindergarten in Benešov u Boskovic arranged construction of a connecting corridor in the building complex for direct connection to the gym – the aim was to enable the students easier and faster arrivals at  PE lessons. Due to technical problems caused by absence of the external walling and ceiling insulation system, the problems were eliminated within the scope of the project.

The Digitalized Science Centre

Project start:  1. 1. 2014

Project termination: 30. 10. 2014

Since  the beginning of 2014 a project aimed at work activities for the Primary School of Edvard Beneš in Lysice, the second largest school in Blansko district, started to be prepared intensively.

The main aim was to make the education environment more attractive for students, to show them modern learning aids, to innovate educational methods, to make the children interested in individual subjects and prepare and profile them on high-quality level for their future education. For the above stated purposes it was necessary to modernize four specialised classrooms:

  • Chemistry classroom
  • Natural Science classroom
  • Technical Works classroom
  • Physics classroom