About Gatema

Since 2017, Gatema has become a joint-stock company. Prior to becoming a high-tech company of four divisions and having over one hundred and seventy employees along with excellent business results, the company has had to pass through a dynamic development.

Company History

Today, Gatema, now being perceived already as a fully-developed and a well-established company, was founded by two employees in an attic apartment of a detached house in Kunštát as the company with foreign investment capital. During the same year the cooperation with LCS International (i.e. Asseco Solutions) began and the company entered the market of the information ERP systems and later on also launched in the ERP systems development sector. Two years later, in 1994, Gatema purchased the technology of one and two-side printed circuits boards and thus penetrated the printed circuits board market. As early as in the second half of the 1990s Gatema becomes a purely Czech brand, becoming a significant player in the field of information technologies and production of printed circuits boards. Today, Gatema operates four divisions – the already mentioned manufacture of printed circuit boards, information technologies, project and business consultancy, and since 2014 the development and production of audiovisual systems using the Internet technologies. The last named division was then named Apollon. Since 2016 we have also been running our own kindergarten Gatemáček.

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Board of Directors & Supervisory Board


The common goal of all the Gatema divisions is to turn the good things into the ones with the “wow” effect, the wow ones. In other words, except our knowledge in respective field we are always aimed to bring added value for our customers: enthusiasm, empathy and innovation.

Company Values


People who understand their work and bring more value are the ones involved with Gatema. Enthusiasm, empathy and innovation is what they all share. This is the main reason why the quality of our product is better than good: it is excellent. We do believe our customers satisfaction rises from our ability to listen to their needs, understand them and perceiving them as our partners


One of the key tell-tale signs of Gatema company is speed. Our competitive advantage is the ability to provide services and supply our products within extremely short terms. All this thanks to our high-quality facilities, our team work and our order processing system. 


We do not take paved paths. On the contrary - we provide each customer with a fresh approach whilst always seeking non-traditional solutions. This is how we bring value to our customers which may help them on the way to his successful business.  


We do not only chase revenues and profits. Our greatest wealth is perceived in the form of long-term and friendly relationships with our customers. Thus, we place the strong emphasis on honesty, fairness and behavioral ethics of all our employees.


Personal relations with the customers simply cannot be established just from being in front of a computer or in a monologue. Gatema DNA consists also of patient listening and practising a mutual dialogue. Then we are able to propose optimal solutions. Thus we largely accentuate intense communication with our customers.


There are no solo players within our teams. We are a well-oiled machine, a team of professionals who are able to repress our ego, accommodate mutual requests and cooperate. We do believe every single employee is an inevitable part of Gatema success.městnanec má svůj podíl na celkovém úspěchu společnosti Gatema.


We Support

We are immensely proud of our region and being a significant commercial entity, we feel particularly responsible for it. That is why we also support a considerable number of local projects and organisations spreading across social, cultural and sport areas:


Social sector

Children belong to their homes

The foster care for children of children's homes and the support of foster care



Reginal Charity Blansko

Betany Boskovice –a comprehensive social service 




Víska Ten

The run for challenge cup organized by the Mayor of Víska u Letovic municipality - the memorial of Jiří Přichystal



DDM Boskovice Challenge Cup

The chess tournaments organized by DDM are focused on young promising chess players



Festival for Boskovice Jewish Quarter 




On-line E-Academia Education Support

E-Academia is the new educational platform specializing in e-learning. In the form of video courses, the project provides education in the field of mathematics, in particular the secondary school mathematics.